With our European training and vast experience, we offer a variety of decorative painting services & techniques. Our goal is to arrive at the essence of the vision of the project, to use these various skills in the service of color, light and texture.

Services - Custom Plaster

Custom Plaster

A vast library of plaster finishes that telegraph Fine Textures upon each other.

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Pictured: Carrara Venetian entry hall at the Irvington Estate.

Trowelled Metallics

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Pictured (right): Greenwich CT residence.

Services - Trowelled Metallics

Vaulted Library Ceiling Fresco.

Ceiling Designs

Plaster finishes, Frescoes, Trowelled Metallics, and all aspects of Gliding.

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Pictured (left): Vaulted Library Ceiling Fresco.

Faux Bois & Striae

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Pictured (right): Striaed and gold pinstriped walls, Park Avenue, Manhattan.

Services - Faux Bois & Striae

Coerced Oak Doors

Custom Cabinet Surfaces

Cerusing, faux bois and antiquing.

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Pictured (right): Coerced Oak Doors.