About Anthony Chase Studio

Anthony Chase Studio is one of New York City’s leading Decorative Painting Studios for homes and businesses of distinction. With a complete comprehension of finishes and environments in both modern and classical traditions, we have an intuitive understanding of our clients’ desires, and the artistry to manifest their dreams — see our work.

ACS is a consortium of fine artists with extensive European training in Stucco Veneziano, authentic Lime plaster techniques, and color pigmentation. Our great strength is Color Consulting, and we are especially adept at working with designers to balance palettes. We provide high quality services in all areas of Artisanal Plaster, as well as custom wall, floor, and ceiling treatments, and mural design — see our services & techniques.

Equally comfortable working with designers and private clients, we offer creative solutions and seamless delivery. We pride ourselves on our innovation, versatility and impeccable workmanship. Known for our subtle and striking finishes, our work can be found all over the New York City-Greenwich, CT tri-state area, and as far away as Fukuoko and Tokyo, Japan, the private Guana Island in the Virgin Islands, and beyond.

Studio founder Anthony Chase first honed his attention to artisanal plaster materials working on scrappy downtown art projects. His award-winning work in film for performance art and theater, has been included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

After immersing himself in the techniques related to restoration and Italian lime plaster, Anthony began receiving commissions from leading brands and homes of distinction across New York as well as internationally. His client list is a testament to that.

Deciding to evolve his practice into individual paintings, Anthony uses the techniques he acquired from creating artisanal venetian walls and brings a bold sense of form and tone to the work. About this collection he says, “In this series of paintings I am exploring the luminosity and textures produced by burnished lime and impregnated marble chips—materials I know well and about which I am passionate. As my wall surfaces are transformed into framed objects, the simple dance of these bold shapes and the impact of raking light, enliven the forms.”